Sunday, 7 September 2008

What An Ugly Bird!

We have the birds of paradise but are you like me? Do you get bored with images of beauty all the time? Here are some of the world's ugliest looking birds, all ready for you to go "ew" to!

Let's start with a common bird and one we eat regularly on special occasions. The Turkey: it isn't obvious why the name has become one to deride other homo sapiens with yet?

If the turkey isn't enough to put you off your dinner, why not try this one?

The Guineau Fowl is trying too look clever, but the lights are on and nobody is home!

Some people find new born human babies inexplicably attractive and if you fall in to that category you probably let out a sound that goes something like “aaaw”. Go on, admit it, it's just you and the computer, no one will know. If you belong to the minority of sane people on this small blue planet, then replace the three instances of the letter "a" with an "e" to form a completely different noise.

Let's zoom to South America for a while, the above is a fine example of a male Condor. Related to the vulture family (though you would never guess) the Condor is in fact a vegetarian. Got you there for a second. The growth you can see is called a caruncle: the person who named it obviously missed out a letter. Ah, to “b” or nor to “b”. To “be”, I believe!

Next, the King Vulture. A very regal bird, but boy, he sure is ugly!

Here is a face only a mother could love!

This Wood Ibis looks like it is made of wood - very old wood!

And one more for the road! This Shoebill is possibly the most handsomely ugly bird ever!

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